Beeb encoding different programs at quite different framerates

Nick Payne njhp94 at
Fri Oct 28 04:28:12 PDT 2016

On 28/10/2016 9:04 PM, RS wrote:
>> Well, the size keeps shrinking. The very latest episode of The Fall
>> (just downloaded using hvfhd1 but not yet watched) is down to 647Mb for
>> 59 minutes of 1280x720 at 50fps, video bit rate 1403kbps. This is about 2/3
>> the size of the old flashhd GiP 1280x720 at 25fps downloads, which used to
>> always run around the 1Gb mark for an hour long program.
> Is this episode 5, b080y01r?  It may be an idea to skip through the
> download with VLC to check it is complete.  --info shows the size for
> HVFHD1 as 2325MB.  The HVF downloader shows the size as 2320.91MB.
Yes, that's what I downloaded. On a quick flip through in VLC it all
seems to be there. However, the HVF downloader also shows the HVFHD
download size for episode 4 as being 2325Mb, whereas the downloaded file
that I have is only 898Mb, is certainly complete as I've watched the
entire episode, and is, according to both VLC and Mediainfo,
1280x720 at 50fps using the H.264 codec.

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