Radio programme will not record using web PVR

Simon Morgan s.morgan at
Mon Oct 10 23:58:08 PDT 2016

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> On 10/10/16 13:04, Simon Morgan wrote:
> > I am probably missing something obvious but I cannot get "Afternoon
> Drama:
> > John Dryden - Pandemic - The Present (b01dtkjl)" on Radio 4 Extra to
> > record using the web PVR GUI. However it records perfectly well using
> > the CLI ( I terminated the download as I already have it).
> >
> > In the PVR "Recording" tab, my default is "tv25fps, radiobest". FYI I
> > use tv25fps because my broadband speed is pedestrian and I use
> > radiobest because I mainly record music and wish for the 320bps
> > stream. I have tried a few other settings for the radio quality but
> still no luck.
> >
> > Is there something I should be doing to get the PVR to record?

> If I read you correctly, you already have the programme so its details
> have been added to the download history. When you go via the PVR, it
> skips the programme because of that reason... I don't use the PVR much
> so I don't know if there is the ability to --force in the settings.
> A
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While I do already have the programme recorded, the symptoms I described
were the same as those before I successfully downloaded using the CLI. Also,
as a matter of interest, the Web PVR has a "force" option.
Until now, I have found that the Web PVR has fulfilled all my needs so I
would be very interested to find out why it was unsuccessful this time.

Simon Morgan

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