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Radio 3 is NOT a "classical only" station.  It has a remit of "culture" which includes experimental music, spoken word, World music, folk music, etc.

In fact, you could say that "Classical" music would leave us with a rather poor diet of not much earlier than Mozart and not much later than Beethoven....

I for one am glad that we have "broad"casting on Radio 3 which includes many things I have never even heard of before. 

If I want to be spoon-fed like a 5 year old and inundated with adverts for junk I don't want to buy, I'll go to Classic FM.

(The same is true on Radio 4 - the times I have turned on and ended up deliberately extending my journey home because I found something I previously had no knowledge of to be fascinating.....   Same is mostly true of BBC 4 as well).

Having lived for 4 1/2 years in the cultural wastelands of the US of A, you can't even BEGIN to realise how grateful I am for R3/R4, BBC2/4. We really do have something very, very special in the Beeb.

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On Sat, Oct 01, 2016 at 03:40:19PM +0100, Tony Quinn wrote:
> Given how poorly minority genres of music are covered by the 
> meainstram channels (ONE hour of folk music on Radio 2 per week), some 
> local radio stations have essential listening.

You don't say *which* "minority genre", but some of that stuff inexplicably ends up on Radios 3 and 4, much to the annoyance of people who were expecting classical music, and no music. I still remember the green-ink letters about Anderson Country.

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