get_iplayer currently broken...

Alan Milewczyk alan at
Fri Jan 15 19:32:29 PST 2016

Sorry for the delay in responding..... I've not read the list for a day 
or so, since I was advised that the xml glitch at the BBC got sorted and 
that GIP v2.94 was working again.

I should clarify what I did to provoke my "error message" posting. When 
I said I tried to execute ffmpeg from a DOS box I should have said that 
I originally tried this from the GIP folder (C:\Program Files 
(x86)\get_iplayer). When I got the error message I suspected it was a 
"path" issue so I drilled to the "ffmpeg" and then the 
"ffmpeg-1.2-win32-static" folders and tried again, forgetting that in 
fact the executable was in the "bin" sub-folder! Since I was doing this 
in a DOS box, rather than Windows, I should have done a DIR to check for 
the presence of the executable! Doh! It's the heat and this blasted 
cold/cough folks!

Sorry I seem to have started a spat here. Let me say I always welcome 
detailed responses - life is a learning curve and I always try to learn 
from the helpful comments posted on here. Sometimes they maybe 
reiterating what I already know but in many circumstances the additional 
knowledge is helpful and useful, as it has been here. I can't remember 
the last time I had to look up path/environment variables, probably 15 
years or more! So in that context, please don't stop your postings, 
especially you Vangelis - your style is similar to mine when I try to 
explain techie issues to non techie friends.

On 16/01/2016 00:56, Vangelis forthnet wrote:
> On Windows (I just tested XP, Vista & 7 - no access to 8+), there's 
> absolutely no need to add anything in PATH if the executables are to 
> be found within current directory! 


> Your flu recipes are indeed most welcome; however I am not a spirits 
> person myself, so hot cocoa it is for me, then!

Hope you feel better soon, dear friend. Flu can wipe you out big time. I 
have a number of health issues (including type 2 diabetes and coronary 
heart disease) so I dread getting infections because of my screwed 
immune system - even a simple cold frequently becomes bronchitis! :-( My 
gf and I have both been struggling with a cold, then a cough since 
before the New Year and we're absolutely weary of disturbed nights sleep!

In your case, Vangelis, resting, keeping warm and drinking plenty of 
water are the recommended courses of action, also taking paracetamol 
or anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen.

> Keep always well (and I will, too), V.

And keep posting!

best wishes from the sunny and very hot Philippines!


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