get_iplayer currently broken...

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Fri Jan 15 08:56:55 PST 2016

On Fri Jan 15 11:12:51 GMT 2016, C E Macfarlane wrote: 

> I think you're just muddying 
> the waters even more.  
> We have no reason to believe 
> that the problem is anything 
> more complicated than ... 
> (snip) 
> and thus that the rest of your previous post 
> and this one beyond this point, 
> is just unnecessary noise 
> interfering with the above signal.

I am deeply sorry to possibly upset you even more 
(and I thought hard about re-posting), 
but I still stand by my original post 
(and the subsequent clarifications...).
On Windows (I just tested XP, Vista & 7 - 
no access to 8+), there's absolutely no need 
to add anything in PATH if the executables 
are to be found within current directory! 
George Eycott's contribution also atests to that fact:
I realise now there's no point in me 
trying to pursue this further with you, 
so I'll put an end to this here; 
I created enough "unnecessary noise" 
so far, it appears...

> Your posts are usually very helpful, 
> but not so much in this case ... 

Thanks (... I guess)!

> preferably with a good stiff hot toddy

 Your flu recipes are indeed most welcome; 
however I am not a spirits person myself, 
so hot cocoa it is for me, then!

Keep always well (and I will, too), 

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