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Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Wed Jan 13 12:25:58 PST 2016

On Wed Jan 13 19:43:20 GMT 2016, CJB wrote: 

> Better had they opted for a legal 'pay to view'
> or 'pay to download' model.

But they's the BBC Store I wrote about only 
very recently...Pay to view (DRM'd) VOD streams, 
download (DRM'd) VOD files - or buy the BBC DVDs 
if you really want to cough up money...

> But then we pay enough for the licence as it is. 
> Why can't they allow free downloads for UK residents at least?

Paying the licence fee (or its equivalent taxation 
in other countries) to watch (Public) TV does not 
make you eligible for owning copyrighted material, 
especially for free; 
the rights holders are the sole owners 
of the content, which is licenced to the BBC for 
air broadcast/online streaming etc., 
according to the arrangements made between them 
and the Beeb; 
the broadcaster uses the licence funds 
to negotiate those arrangements, which govern the ways 
in which the copyrighted material is disseminated to 
viewers; those arrangements in most cases do not include 
"free downloads". 
I am not a lawyer and sadly I cannot express myself 
well in law terminology, but I suspect you do get the gist 
of what I wrote...
So no, what you ask for is a ...pipe dream!


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