Is It Possible To Add Options Individually To PVR Search Terms?

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not to state the obvious, but GIP is open source and in perl.
you can Hack it sny which way you want.
the caveat being "If you break it you fix it."

I personally have probably several thousand pvr files i have collected
over the years.
I imagine that many are out of out dated.
GIP does just fine.

"housing cleaning" takes time and £ both of which are in short supply. ;-)

On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 5:34 AM, C E Macfarlane
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> Thanks, but you haven't told me anything I didn't know.  Please see below ...
>>     On 28 December 2015 at 13:06, C E Macfarlane
>>     <c.e.macfarlane at> wrote:
>>     > As per subject, when GiP downloads certain programmes,
>>     particularly radio
>>     > programmes, I want it to use a particular file prefix,
>>     different from the
>>     > global settings, and further sometimes I want an HD
>>     download to overwrite a
>>     > preexisting SD version of the programme.
>>     gip already does this, but you seem to be getting search terms and pvr
>>     settings mixed up.
>>     if you can write a command line that does what you want, then adding
>>     --pvr-add will store all the options you set as part of the pvr
>>     settings.
> Yes, but the trouble with that is that I will end up with a confusing array of PVR searches, instead of just the three I have now: Radio, HD TV, and SD TV.  Further, I would have to completely rewrite the bash script that creates the PVR searches from easy-to-maintain lists in files:
> FiltersRadio.txt
> ...
> Caithream;
> ...
> What I was looking for was a way to add to particular search terms extra options that augment or override the defaults from the configuration file, but it seems it isn't possible without creating seperate runs of gip.
> I hesitate to say this, because, as everyone else here probably is, I'm aware of the great deal of work that has gone into gip, both creating it and then keeping it going despite all the now-you-see-it now-you-don't changes at the BBC, but really I'd like it to work in a different way, whether as an option or as its sole method of working.  Rather than working from search terms in a command-line, I'd like it to be able to read search filters in one or more files such as that above.  This would have some clear advantages:
>         Only one load of perl would be required each overnight run ...
>         So its operation would be simpler and quicker;
>         You could specify particular options for particular downloads;
> Also, perhaps simpler to implement, when a download is added to the history, I'd like all previous entries under the same PID to be removed, so that the history is not cluttered up by duplicates.
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