Odd fetching of radio

J j at mailsorter.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Feb 20 01:03:47 PST 2016

Vangelis forthnet wrote:

> So, from my physical location, at around the same
> time of day, AppleHLS streams are downloaded
> 4x as fast as the MPEG-DASH ones. So yes, DASH
> is slower (despite being what I want, since it's the only means
> of getting the 96kbps quality BBC legally provides here).

Thanks for, among other things, keeping the list advised of the evolving 
situation regarding content legitimately available to non-UK locations 
and access to it via GiP. I await 2.95final to discover how things work out.

Possibly OT for GiP but, taking a wider view, I don't recollect reading 
about changes to the way podcasts are made available by the BBC and note 
that the most recent R4 Friday Night News Quiz is reported by MediaInfo 
as being 128Kbps mp3 with a sampling rate of 44.1KHz (the latter being, 
for contemporary productions, now associated only with Shoutcast and The 
Archers in my mind).

It may make no practical difference for speech radio if one uses 
aactomp3 anyway to output an mp3 file via GiP but I was wondering where 
the generation of podcasts fits into the bigger picture and a clue would 
be welcome


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