Odd fetching of radio

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Fri Feb 19 14:48:21 PST 2016

On Fri Feb 19 09:44:36 GMT 2016, Jim web wrote:

> I'm afraid you may have missed
> the actual point of the comparison
> I was reporting.
> Sorry if my explanations weren't clear.

... You are probably right, I may have, yes;
certainly your sentence I quoted led me
into my wrong assumption ;-(
 Many thanks for your follow-up reply,
which did make things crystal clear for me...

Please then disregard my otherwise well-meant

Sadly, I am legally cut-off from dashhigh (320kbps),
only dashmed available here (96kbps), so cannot
share my experience from fetching the former...

Most unfortunately, following commit:


[Removed "dash" modes, use DASH for hlshigh (on-demand radio only)]

ruined dashmed (96kbps) for overseas users, that being the highest AOD
bitrate one could legally (without employing geo-blocking circumvention
methods...) get from a non-UK location.
96kbps (via AdobeHDS/MPEG-DASH) is what currently BBC offers
to overseas listeners (for National Radio), RTMP streams (flashlow)
and AppleHLS (hlslow) deliver only 48kbps here...

Using a somewhat older snapshot of 2.95dev,

perl get_iplayer-295dev-g488ab9b.pl --pid=b0705t7k --modes=dashmed1 --force

I get (19/02/2016, 21:50 GMT) :
INFO: Recorded: 75.02MB in 00:06:19 at  1622kbps to
size=   76721kB time=01:48:16.00 bitrate=  96.8kbits/s

which is not that high a speed, but it's fine by me...
Specifying dashmed2 increases speed only by a
narrow margin... (~ 1800kbps).

OTOH, if I choose HLS (hls=hlslow=hlslow1, 48kbps only here)

get_iplayer-295dev-g488ab9b.pl --pid=b0705t7k --modes=hls --force --overwrite

I get (22:20 GMT):
INFO: Recorded: 41.23MB in 00:00:51 at  6622kbps to
size=   38658kB time=01:48:16.00 bitrate=  48.8kbits/s

So, from my physical location, at around the same
time of day, AppleHLS streams are downloaded
4x as fast as the MPEG-DASH ones. So yes, DASH
is slower (despite being what I want, since it's the only means
of getting the 96kbps quality BBC legally provides here).

My tests use the overseas CDNs/servers
(Limelight dash: "aod-dash-ww-live.bbcfmt.vo.llnwd.net",
 Akamai dash: "aod-dash-ww-live.edgesuite.net",
 Akamai HLS: "cp401492-vh.akamaihd.net"), so they
probably shouldn't be used to infer similarities
with the UK ones...


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