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James Scholes james at
Mon Feb 15 04:59:35 PST 2016

George Eycott wrote:
> I suspect the BBC are deliberately taking the feeds offline in non
> peak times to see what breaks and who complains. The logical
> extension of this is that the offline periods will extend as the
> project progresses until they turn them off completely.... :-(

As disappointing as all of this is, it has been expected for quite some
time.  Blog posts as early as 2014 (possibly earlier) hinted at the
/programmes data views being turned off in the near future.  Since then,
and to this day, when you access an endpoint that is due to be retired,
you receive the following HTTP header:

X-Aps-Deprecation-Notice: APS is soon to be deprecated. It will first of
all cease to be supported on a 24/7 basis, and will then cease
responding entirely.

I'd say it's a miracle that the feeds have remained online until now, a
decision probably driven only by the constantly-changing, sometimes beta
quality new Nitro API and its adoption (or lack thereof) outside of the BBC.
James Scholes

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