Getting feeds failed on or just before 14th Feb

Rob Wood rob.wood at
Mon Feb 15 01:10:13 PST 2016


The list is very quiet so maybe it's just me with the problem but my 
get_iplayer v2.94 is failing to get programme schedules with a typical 
error of

WARNING: Failed to download programme schedule

I had a look in a browser to see if I could work out what was happening 
and for a random PID taken off the iPlayer front page I got the 
following for

"This service is currently undergoing a period of downtime for essential 
maintenance. Please be advised that the programme information service 
which is currently available at this URL will soon be replaced by a new 
service from the BBC, at a new set of URLs. Please contact the following 
email address for further information: 
'programmes-devel at'"

Is this just my problem?



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