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Sun Feb 14 12:07:00 PST 2016

Jon Davies wrote:

On 13 February 2016 at 14:28, Don Grunbaum <don at> wrote:
 > Hi All
 > Fairly basic question, but I can't find an answer.
 > I have a brand new Windows 10 PC. I have installed GiP on it and all 
 > well, except when I try to record anything (using the Browser PVR 
 > I get Recording Complete without any recording having been done, but 
with a
 > command exit code 1.
 > I know it's pretty basic, but where have I gone wrong?

Likelihood is that you've done nothing wrong - the parts of the BBC
website that get_iplayer uses to find programmes and download them are
all reporting

"This service is currently undergoing a period of downtime for
essential maintenance. Please be advised that the programme
information service which is currently available at this URL will soon
be replaced by a new service from the BBC, at a new set of URLs.
Please contact the following email address for further information:
'programmes-devel at'"

So it won't work at the moment.

Since you use Windows, you could always use the BBC's own iPlayer
Downloads app:


I don't think that was the problem

The last program I successfully downloaded (via command line) has a
timestamp of 13:03 today, 14th February, GMT and my next
attempt at 13:33 failed with:

WARNING: Could not download programme metadata from
ERROR: Failed to get version pid metadata from iplayer site

Later on, perhaps a couple of hours later, I found that the schedules 
had become
unavailable, as in multiple repeats along the lines of...

WARNING: Failed to download programme schedule

Hopefully, when the BBC say 'down for maintenance' they do really mean it
and it will just start working again as it did before. I checked
this list for posts to see how long it was broken for before and was 
surprised it
wasn't longer, it certainly seemed longer at the time.

First one mentioning the issue...
Wed Jan 13 09:49:42 PST 2016

Panic over...
Thu Jan 14 02:06:43 PST 2016

artisticforge said
Sat Feb 13 11:02:06 PST 2016

sorry, but i am keeping my fingers and mouth shut. ;-)
i know that there are many others thinking exactly what I am thinking
but it shall remain unwritten and unspoken.

nah! don't get it, guess I am of the few

Is it a Windows 10  slag off maybe?

First thing the original poster might try would perhaps be to try another
browser, eg Firefox? Basically Microsoft lost the browser wars I think

20:04 on the 14th GMT, still broken here

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