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Sat Feb 6 16:39:12 PST 2016

On Sat Feb 6 00:16:50 GMT 2016, tellyaddict wrote: 

> I knew it was in the archives somewhere 
> but had no idea where to look. 
> Is there an easy way to search the archives?

Hi - that is an interesting question, indeed :-)

The main "infradead" list archive at:

does not provide a native search facility - 
but its contents are indexed by Google and, 
probably, other major search engines. 

 What I do myself is keep local copies of the 
list e-mails that I deem important to me inside 
a "gipml" folder, in my e-mail client; these include 
some of my sent e-mails as well as received ones...
This is the first place I begin my searches, via 
my e-mail client's search function; once I've located 
a specific mail, it's then quite easy to pinpoint it 
in the month-by-month online archive and retrieve 
its URL.

Another, somewhat similar, method of personal 
archiving is by creating in my browser (Firefox) 
a "gipml" bookmarks folder and save inside it as 
bookmarks the URLs to list archive posts (mine 
and other members') that, again, are or significance 
to me. By using my browser's native bookmark 
search feature, I can quickly arrive to a single 
post I search for...Provided, of course, 
"" is online...

Finally, the mirror archive provided by 
"" at:

DOES COME  with an inherent search engine; 
however you should be careful which search
arguments you use; you've got to have some 
idea already of the sender's name, the time the 
message was sent, if the mail's title was relevant 
to what you're actually searching for, etc...

If I search for "BBC News", it'll find 284 matches. 
Click the "Advanced search" link to filter out 
better the numerous matches. If I filter for 
"Vangelis forthnet" as the sender and limit 
search to e-mails no older than 6 months 
("Date within 6 months of "/"Sort by date", 
then type "today"), the results are narrowed 
down to 23; my mail with the content you 
wanted appears 7th in the list:

Hope I provided useful guidance... 

OT discussion concerning tellyaddict/tvfan:

With regards to the following forum post of yours:

I'd have to agree with dinky in that using FFmpeg 
to record manually the applehls streams 
(hls tvmodes in GiP lingo) is the best approach 
and not-at-all difficult, once you get the simple logic 
behind the procedure...
I think you're on Windows, so what you need is: 
1. A proper text editor, to manually parse playlists 
and to compose the ffmpeg command; using notepad 
is not advised, I've found it to insert very often unneeded 
whitespaces and/or line breaks.
(I use PSPad editor: , 
but I think Notepad++ is one of the most popular:
2. A copy of Zeranoe's FFmpeg binary; latest point 
release is 2.8.6, x86 will also run on x64 OS:
Save somewhere you have write access and unpack - 
run "ff-prompt.bat" and that's where you'll have to 
paste composed ffmpeg command.
No need to search for and use the ffmpeg build 
that comes with GiP already...
3. Consult the "B. Video example" section of my 
detailed guide at:

Since you are in the UK, mediaset=iptv-all will work, too, 
but you may follow dinky's advice and use 
mediaset=apple-ipad-hls (which will also work for 
overseas users, since - YES - the "daily-drop" clips/trailers 
are available globally!). Do not be intimidated by the 
apparent complexity, do try it!
"Life and Death Row Season 2" has vpid=p03hnj9c - 
here is your chance :-)

End of OT discussion

Most kind regards, 

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