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Fri Feb 5 13:21:29 PST 2016

On Fri Feb 5 15:02:48 GMT 2016, CJB wrote:

> how can I download these clips:

Hello Chris and company... :-)

 I was out all day and only now came
to read this thread. It turns out the Latin
phrase "scripta manent" is not actually true,
at least when this list is concerned!

Chris, it appears you do have short retention;
and you should have performed a list archive
search prior to posting:

The BBC News issue was discussed in
this list fairly recently, in fact last October:
My post describes in what was characterised as "gory" details
the issue itself and possible solutions.
 Furthermore, as an answer to another
of your own queries, Chris, I did refer you
to above post of mine in the following thread:
specifically post:
which updates the bug and lists your choices...

1. Due to changes brought on by the beeb,
GiP 2.94 is broken for News/Sports clips.
2. The coder (dinkypumpkin) has indicated that
he's no longer inclined to continue support for
News clips in GiP; having said that,
he did patch GiP one final time:
That patch, of course, is to be found on the
2.95dev branch and the next 2.95 release
(hoping they don't break it yet again before
it is finally released).
This is why Nigel Taylor can fetch those clips,
since he's on get_iplayer 2.95-dev-b4bc3d68e.

CJB wrote:

> Thanks - I'll have a try at using 2.95 (dev)

... and by browsing the list archive you can find
related posts on how to do that on Windows

> Thank you I'l look at OpenBSD too.

Nothing against OpenBSD or other OS,
but there's no need to install a second OS
on your machine (natively or via VM)
to use GiP 2.95dev just for BBC News Clips
(if that's the reason you'll "look" at OpenBSD;
if not, feel free to try whatever OS you fancy :-) ).

tellyaddict wrote:

> Where do you get the VPID from
> to open the playlist to make the command?

The answer to that specific question can, again,
be found inside my original post of Oct 2015,
so do read on...

But as far as batguano's rtmpdump commands
are concerned, I think that on his Linux box he's
using the "iptables redirection method"
to construct them...

A somewhat similar method can be used
on Windows via RTMPdumphelper:
but this awesome tool ceased to function
on my system (Vista 32bit) when using
Mozilla Firefox and versions of the NPAPI
adobe flash plugin newer than!

The commands posted by bg will be soon
worthless, as the authentication token strings
have a very short lifespan (2hr, IIANM).

Greetings to all,

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