6 Music Live Hour @ 320

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Fri Jan 8 02:47:22 PST 2016

On Fri Jan 8 02:23:39 GMT 2016, CJB wrote:

> we'd love to download in 320 kbps.
> Please can someone tell us how to do this
> from MEDA-DASH?

Happy New Year Chris (I guess it's still OK
to wish for that, though already on the 8th of Jan :-) ).

Haven't you received Jon Davies' e-mail?


First of all, I assume you've come back to the UK,
as non-UK IPs are only limited to 96kbps HE-AACv1
(which is still double the bitrate overseas users get currently
via flashaaclow/hlsaaclow, i.e. 48kbps HE-AACv1 ... )

>From previous exchanges, I recall you are in a version
of Win7 Starter (unsure whether x86 or x64).

My guide will also assume you are running an admin account
on Windows and that you have full read/write priviledges on
%PROGRAMFILES% - this resolves to
C:\Program Files\ for x86 &
C:\Program Files (x86)\  for x64

Load in a Firefox tab (this is what I use, have not tested other browser):


File -> Save Page As

In the Windows "Save" pop-up,
FIRST change "Save as type" to "All files"
(or something in that wording, my Fx is Greek),
then in "File name:" (get_iplayer should be
there already) rename to "get_iplayer.pl"
(without the quotes) - save somewhere
you have write access, the desktop is fine.
If all went well, you should've saved the file
as text and not html. The file should be
"get_iplayer.pl", NOT "get_iplayer.txt"/ "get_iplayer.pl.txt"

 Locate the file you just downloaded,
right-click -> Properties -> in Security section
click "Unblock", "Apply", "OK" and you're
good to go...

Windows Start Button -> In the "Start Search" field paste
and hit enter - click the folder "get_iplayer" that is found
and Windows Explorer should open the GiP installation directory.

Locate existing file "get_iplayer.pl" (tag 2.94) and BACK-IT-UP
by renaming to "get_iplayer.pl.BAK".
Copy/Paste the 2.95dev "get_iplayer.pl" file you previously fetched
(on desktop, if not moved) - if UAC is ON (mine is OFF), say
YES to all prompts.

Start the CLI of GiP (Windows Start Button -> All Programs ->
get_iplayer -> Get_iPlayer).
The CLI should start - some "deprecation" warnings will be printed,
do not be alarmed and simply disregard...
Then issue the following command:

get_iplayer --pid=b06sskk8 --radiomode=dashhigh2 --force --tag-podcast-radio

Hopefully all will have gone OK; do note that the dashhigh radio files
are large (ca. 140MB/hr)

To go back to GiP 2.94 after the succesful download, rename
"get_iplayer.pl" to e.g. "get_iplayer-295.pl " and revert
"get_iplayer.pl.BAK" to  "get_iplayer.pl"

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if you somehow manage
to break your GiP setup (or harm otherwise your system),
the chance of that happening is pretty slim if you follow my
guide to the letter...

PS: In a non-MPEG-DASH compatible desktop browser
or when one has not opted in for the "HTML5 Player beta"
AOD in the UK is by default delivered in 320kbps AAC-LC
(not the case for World Service) via AdobeHDS:

320kbps | HDS (af_limelight_uk_hds) | b06ssk9x | unknown dimension

(for those that wondered in a related thread
what bitrates they were getting from iPlayerRadio, SIMPLY
RIGHT CLICK on the embedded player in your browser;
info provided: bitrate (320kbps), streaming method (HDS),
CDN (limelight), location variant (UK), vPID string (b06ssk9x).

Those AdobeHDS audio streams can be downloaded
by using KSV's "AdobeHDS.php" PHP script, which results
in .FLV files - those can be remuxed to .m4a and tagged
by GiP - I had planned to share here the methodology,
I guess now that MPEG-DASH made it to GiP 2.95,
this is no longer required...


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