BBC Breakfast News - 3 Feb 2016

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Wed Feb 3 12:14:20 PST 2016

On Wed Feb 3 18:24:09 GMT 2016, I wrote: 

> I haven't checked recently whether 
> at the time of broadcast the live internet 
> stream does indeed carry the programme
> (;

On Wed Feb 3 18:19:54 GMT 2016, CJB wrote: 

> Inspecting the browser (Chrome) Console

... So now I have my answer: "BBC One Breakfast"  
is being streamed live on iPlayer in the morning... 

> I could still use iPlayer for the Breakfast News 
> after about two other programmes had gone past.
> (snip)
> the contents of the previous programmes
> were still available for streaming

On Wed Feb 3 18:42:53 GMT 2016, CJB wrote:

> if
> could be redirected to previous programmes 
> they should be there for the playing of.
> That was my experience this morning. 
> I kept the Breakfast News page current 
> (i.i. I did not refresh it) and could still play 
> the News programme file even after 
> two succeeding programmes had gone by.

... What you have described Chris is a feature 
of iPlayer's called "Live Rewind" - it has been 
with us for Live TV from as back as 2012, and it has 
been recently also implemented for live radio 
(e.g. ;
enables moving to the start of current live radio show).

 In layman's terms, the embedded online 
player (more accurately, the streaming 
CDN server) buffers a portion of the live stream 
(which for TV I think is 2 hours worth) 
which enables you to either "Restart the current 
programme" or, by moving the slider to the left, 
access content broadcast in the past 2 hours.

The streaming method that enables this feature 
is called AdobeHDS - GiP does not (and most probably 
will not in future) support that; there is a dedicated 
tool (PHP script) that enables the recording of 
un-encrypted AdobeHDS streams; it has been 
also patched to be compatible with the Live Rewind 
capability - if present - of such streams, so yes, 
it is possible to record even parts of the "buffer-in-the-past" 
(albeit with some manual calculation...), provided 
not much time has elapsed since the live 
broadcast (because fresher content always 
overwrites the staler one in the buffer). 
(Of course, I won't be providing any "how-to"s here 
or elsewhere, it's doable and for a commited person 
all the info is out there on the net...)

On Wed Feb 3 18:24:09 GMT 2016, I wrote: 

>  a personal favourite (not a plug) is the free: 
> (supports only AVI or MKV container, 

I was stuck at previous (free) version 2.0, 
but it appears new version 5.0 does support, 
among many other improvements, the MP4 
container, too; no need to first remux to MKV.
There is a catch: as much as it is an excellent 
video/audio editing programme, being a freeware 
entails the setup to use OpenCandy during 
installation; decide for yourself...


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