BBC Breakfast News - 3 Feb 2016

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Wed Feb 3 10:24:09 PST 2016

On Wed Feb 3 09:12:37 GMT 2016, CJB wrote: 

> of today's News at about 8.50 am to 9.10?

On Wed Feb 3 10:14:37 GMT 2016, Nick Payne wrote:

> If you have the program downloaded

On Wed Feb 3 16:51:42 GMT 2016, CJB wrote: 

> but i couldn't download it - 
> not even using the browser console 
> to cap. the URL. 
> Any ideas please.

 The case of "BBC One Breakfast" show has come up 
in the past in this list, but sadly a quick browse in my 
local archive has failed to find that previous exchange... 

FOR ON DEMAND, due to rights issues...
If you load the show's main page at:

you can read this for yourself:

> Breakfast on BBC iPlayer
> We're sorry but Breakfast isn't available 
> on BBC iPlayer for rights reasons.
> Find out more on the BBC iPlayer Help website

EDIT: RS beat me to it - sending all the same...

Some archived short clips can be found at:

I haven't checked recently whether 
at the time of broadcast the live internet 
stream does indeed carry the programme
if it does and one is aware beforehand that 
sometime during the current live programme 
a part will be broadcast that is to one's 
liking and would like to record, then one should 
start recording (with GiP) the BBC One iPlayer 
live stream a bit prior to the start of said part 
and, naturally, end the recording after the 
part of interest has concluded... 

As for trimming down/editing the live recording, 
ffmpeg (CLI) and the - already mentioned - 
excellent AVIdemux
can do the job (NB: recent AVIdemux 
windows binaries DO NOT WORK ON WinXP!).

On Windows, if you remux losslessly to the 
Matroska container, a personal favourite 
(not a plug) is the free:
(supports only AVI or MKV container, 
lossless editing is being done with 
key frame accuracy, which is adequate 
in most cases...).


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