Update: Progress and puzzles

Jim web web at audiomisc.co.uk
Mon Aug 22 01:36:51 PDT 2016

This morning I could not get either the hls *or* 'flash' fetching to work
correctly (Still with gip 2.95 as yet.). I can't recall the pids but one
example was the Dad's Army from yesterday.

hvfhd worked fine for the sectional files of the Gergiev prom.

I have go do something else this morning but this prompts me to ask if
others are:

A) Still having missing segments from hls

B) now also having trouble with ye olde flash.

If I don't get an email this morning I'll try nudging the elbow of someone
at the BBC above these issues. My impression is that there are still
problems, but I've been focussing on getting Proms by means that seem OK.


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