Audio/Video Out of Sync

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Fri Aug 19 03:39:32 PDT 2016

On Fri Aug 19 11:00:47 BST 2016, RS wrote: 

>> the end .mp4 file has no loss of sync,
>> MediaInfo and MPC-HC report the file's
>> duration to be 00:24:41 (the same as EAS.aac).
> Did you try watching the result? 

 Yes I did! Software player was MPC-BE 

 As reported already, audio stayed in sync with video 
throughout the file's duration. 

 On the 8 places where there were segments missing, 
you could instantly recognise a missing part but, other than 
that, the transition was "smooth" and required no 
user intervention...

> Wouldn't your method only help 
> if the errors were evenly distributed?
> 10% of the content would still be missing.

My "method" was just an experiment - 
I never claimed it to be a cure for the original 
issue - demuxing elementary streams from 
the --raw .ts file and muxing them back into 
MP4 (via ffmpeg or MP4Box) will just render 
an already downloaded file watchable, 
i.e. with A/V in sync, if the watcher actually 
doesn't mind a few (depends on file) missing 


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