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Thu Aug 18 03:35:21 PDT 2016

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   batguano999 <batguano999 at> wrote:
> Hi If you have a version of FFmpeg, either compiled and installed by
> yourself or a static one in a folder somewhere downloaded from
> You can tell get_iplayer to use it each
> time (or set it for good in the get_iplayer preferences). External
> Program Options: --ffmpeg <path>                  Location of ffmpeg or
> avconv binary. Synonyms: --avconv

> Example... get_iplayer --mode=hlsstd --type=radio --verbose --force
> --ffmpeg /home/user/ffmpeg

Excellent! :-)  Thanks very much. I've now built the version of ffmpeg I
obtained via git this morning. All being well, I'll give this a try later



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