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> Yes, that may be what's happening. I am using a relatively old LTS
> version of Mint. I don't want to upgrade distro juts for this, so I'll
> see if I can update either VLC or avconv.

Update on this:

This morning I refetched some files using hvfhd but this time using the
--raw option.

The resulting .ts files play fine with my copy of VLC!

So the situation seems to be here that the 'same' programme fetched using
hvfhd will play OK as the 'raw' ts but that allowing the usual conversion
to mp4 causes the audio track to be not be played by VLC.

This does solve my problem with playing the hvfhd results on a practical
level. But remains an oddity.

I spent the time this morning getting ts files this way. So I don't know if
the hls segmentation problem has been fixed. Anyone know?


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