Audio/Video Out of Sync

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Tue Aug 16 08:53:35 PDT 2016

On Tue Aug 16 09:28:04 BST 2016, Jim web wrote: 

>> I think what has caused confusion is that the transition from v2.94 to
>> v2.95 made several changes at the same time.
> (snip)
> Yes. My apologies for missing this change.

Yet, you had been made aware of those changes 
in a verbose manner with my post of  Aug 3rd:

Excerpts from that:
> A plethora of further commits/changes were
> pushed to the 2.95dev repo since Jan 2016,
> all these ended up in final 2.95 and have significantly
> changed the behaviour you are currently
> experiencing in your "Jan 2.95dev" version.
> (snip)
> in relation to what concerns you the most:
> 1. "--type=tv" needs not be specified, as the tv.cache
> is searched by default.
> 2. "--type=radio" can be omitted in 2.95, but in reality shouldn't...
> 3. HLS (tv|radio) modes are now the DEFAULT -
> this change was brought on by
> in Feb 2016, so not present in your 295dev snapshot!
> (snip)
> With 2.95-release, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPECIFY
> --modes=hlshd ; this is now the default.
> (NB --tvmode & --modes are valid, --mode is not,
> according to longhelp).
> In your 2.95dev snapshot,
> --modes=best
> would fetch the flashhd tvmode (the default then).
> To specifically request flashhd in 2.95-release, issue:
> --modes=flashhd

> I was then wondering about 
> what 'sequence' of modes would be best 
> for finding the 'best available' version.

In GiP 2.95 (release), the hls tvmodes are the default; 
not specifying a tvmode or setting --tvmode=best 
means that GiP will exhaust all hls modes (from higher 
to lower quality) until it finds the best available one.

If you want the best available among the hvf tvmodes, 
then set --tvmode=hvfbest
Likewise, use --tvmode=flashbest.

If hvfhd isn't available (720p50fps), it's a good bet that 
neither hlshd nor flashhd (both 720p25fps) are; I would try 
myself --tvmode=hvfbest to fetch either hvfsd (540p50fps) 
- if available - or hvfvhigh (540p25fps); both flashvhigh/
hlsvhigh (468p25fps), which are the next step down from missing 
flashhd/hlshd, are slightly inferior to hvfvhigh...

But again, 95% of the answers to your queries 
here in the list are found in the detailed FAQs/
Release Notes that dinkypumpkin painstakingly 


Best regards, 

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