Audio/Video Out of Sync

Alan Milewczyk alan at
Mon Aug 15 14:44:24 PDT 2016

On 15/08/16 22:07, RS wrote:
> S
> I think what has caused confusion is that the transition from v2.94 to 
> v2.95
> made several changes at the same time.

> HLS  and HVF support were added.

HLS was already available in v2.94, I've been using it for ages, ever 
since I found that I could download large files (like "Wimbledon") 
without hitting the 4GB RTMP problem.
> The default was changed from Flash to HLS.
> The default was changed from better to best.
> Some of the changes such as HLS support may have been in the development
> version you used while others were not.
> To be certain of what you are testing you need to specify the mode
> explicitly such as
> --tvmode=flashhd or --tvmode=flashvhigh or --tvmode=hvfvhigh
> or --tvmode=hlshd
The rest is true.


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