Audio/Video Out of Sync

RS richard22j at
Mon Aug 15 14:07:43 PDT 2016

Sorry I sent this to the wrong address.

>From: Jim web
>Sent: Monday, August 15, 2016 17:59

>This morning I used the 'best' option, but it now occurs to me: Does that
>no longer use the 'flash' mode? I just tried a couple of fetches explicitly
>specifying 'flash' and they fetched OK, as I was getting until the last few

I think what has caused confusion is that the transition from v2.94 to v2.95
made several changes at the same time.

HLS  and HVF support were added.
The default was changed from Flash to HLS.
The default was changed from better to best.
Some of the changes such as HLS support may have been in the development
version you used while others were not.

To be certain of what you are testing you need to specify the mode
explicitly such as
--tvmode=flashhd or --tvmode=flashvhigh or --tvmode=hvfvhigh
or --tvmode=hlshd 

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