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Carr <sjcarr at> wrote:
> On 15 August 2016 at 16:33, Jim web <web at> wrote:
> > If your 'Flash' method differs from mine, please specify the details
> > and I'll try it. But at present I am spending over an hour per morning
> > fetching files I then mostly get problems with. From what others have
> > written I don't seem to be the only person encountering problems.

> I previously used --modes=best, switched that to --modes=flash not seen
> any problems since.

I must add a question/apology/comment which came to me after I sent my
previous email!

Until a few days ago I was using 'best' and I think this was giving me the
'RTMPDump'. *However* a few days ago I changed from using a 'development'
version of 2.95 to the 2.95 released a while ago. At that point, and until
today, I've been focussed on trying to diagnose the hls problems and,
latterly, on the puzzles with the hvf files lacking audio when played.

This morning I used the 'best' option, but it now occurs to me: Does that
no longer use the 'flash' mode? I just tried a couple of fetches explicitly
specifying 'flash' and they fetched OK, as I was getting until the last few
days. So my apologies if I overlooked this and and in fact the flash mode
is still mostly working OK. It was because I was using my program that
chooses between predefined sets of options and I've forgotten it used
'best' for the one in question.

This does leave us with the other problems, though.


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