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> > It may only be depreciated as far as the BBC is concerned. Although the
> > is now moving towards packaging its own content, Akamai's other
> > clients might continue to use the service.

> That's a good point.  I hadn't thought about other clients.  Thinking
> about it, if Akamai's current problems are affecting every customer, 
> they must be causing so much grief that I'm surprised that they haven't
> simply rolled back the offending 'upgrade' and reinstated their former
> system.  In fact, given the problems with BBC content, I'm surprised
> that they haven't done that anyway, so presumably there must be a fairly
> compelling reason why not.

I can only speculate here, but: It might be the case that some of Akamai's
non-BBC 'clients' are wanting the changes for some reasons of their own. Or
they stem from an arrangement the BBC aren't party to. They might be
dealing with it in some way which the BBC aren't aware of.


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