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Sat Aug 13 04:11:24 PDT 2016

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> >From: Jim web Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2016 09:37

> >BTW This morning an mpeg-dash fetch of the 320k version of yesterday's
> >"More Or Less" (R4) threw up segment error reports and ffmpeg failed to
> >turn the partial file into a tidied-up version when asked by gip that
> >Audacious could play. However doing this 'by hand' in a terminal window
> >worked OK.

> I don't know why you would want to listen to More or Less at 320kbit/s. 

I do prefer the 320k. But my real concern here is with Proms and the chance
they will also be affected. Today or tomorrow I will be fetching (or at
least trying to) a number of these from last week. For these, glitch-free
320k is quite important for me.


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