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[snip useful info, with thanks]

> >My main problem wrt experimenting is that I tend to aim at doing tv
> >fetching before 9am when also preparing breakfast. I avoid doing too
> >much of this during the day to avoid clocking up too much accumlated
> >data count against my 'cap'

> I have been meaning to ask since you last said this whether you have
> looked at your ISP's website recently to see if there is a package
> which better suits your needs.  Most ISPs will just take your money
> without telling you there is an unlimited package for the same or less
> money as you are paying. 

I'll ask him about this. I'm currently asking him about having more web and
ftp space, etc, anyway. I use a small specialist ISP and he is generally

Another reason for the "morning run" has been a tendency for the connection
speed to slow down during the day and become very slow in the evenings.
When I do a speed test I tend to be told the downloads run at around
70megs. But iplayer fetches get far slower than this.

I also find getting things in the morning quite convenient - provided the
fetching works reliably!

BTW This morning an mpeg-dash fetch of the 320k version of yesterday's
"More Or Less" (R4) threw up segment error reports and ffmpeg failed to
turn the partial file into a tidied-up version when asked by gip that
Audacious could play. However doing this 'by hand' in a terminal window
worked OK. I only had time to play half the result and it sounded OK. But
this is a worry given that I plan to fetch a batch of Proms over the
weekend! :-/


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