Audio/Video Out of Sync

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Wed Aug 10 03:08:56 PDT 2016

On Wed Aug 10 09:53:51 BST 2016, Jim web wrote: 

> However it might matter which server we access.

... Well, of course it matters, a heck of a deal! 

> Has anyone compared them to see
> if one gives blips/premature ends when the
> other(s) are OK? 

I assume we are discussing here the "Segment not found" 
issue plaguing the hls tvmodes (and not the audio artifacts 
described as "blips" by C E Macfarlane in audio downloads,  
earlier in the thread...).

Well, there aren't OTHERS! All the flavours of the hls 
tvmodes (hldhd, hlsvhigh, hlshigh, hlsstd, hlslow) are 
hosted/streamed on the same Akamai CDN, whose 
hostname is: 



The hls tvmodes are the default in GiP 2.95, 
thus causing grief to GiP 2.95 users! 

One other thing; according to the commit comment at:

> HLS stream corruption has spread to radio 

it would appear that radio downloads (hls radiomodes) 
are also affected; I haven't noticed such a report in the list/forum 
about "Segments not found" during audio downloads, 
possibly because the default radiomode (320k in the UK) 
uses MPEG-DASH streams. 
The hls radiomodes are hosted/streamed again 
on a unique Akamai CDN, whose hostname is: 


again being (supplier="akamai_hls_open") 

To conclude, inform your BBC liaison that 
it is the "akamai_hls_open" CDN/supplier 
that is misbehaving currently (since the start 
of the month...).


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