Audio/Video Out of Sync

Alan Milewczyk alan at
Tue Aug 9 12:05:05 PDT 2016

On 09/08/16 18:48, Jim web wrote:
> In article <9e3cc79f-5774-7bab-e7a1-dac77a152178 at>, Alan
> Milewczyk <alan at> wrote:
>> The thought behind my original question was whether we had a route to
>> complain to the BBC about the glitches in HLS, i.e. if there is a
>> problem using BBC iPlayer then we could legitimately complain. Looks
>> like we don't, LOL. :-(
> I know someone I can ask at the BBC. However he would probably have to ask
> someone else. Worth a try, though.
> Jim
Thanks Jim, definitely worth a try.


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