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Alan Milewczyk alan at
Tue Aug 9 10:28:13 PDT 2016

*Καλησπέρα! *Thank you, my dear friend, for a superb answer, as ever.

It's funny how things change over time. When I was at Uni in 1967-70 
studying for my Electronic Engineering degree, I was into details 
(understanding exactly what is happening) - now, with a few exceptions, 
I've become a "black box" man, meaning I'm not usually that interested 
as to the detail of what goes on inside the "black box" (whatever that 
may be), more how to use it. A sign of the ever increasingly complex 
world we live in,  I guess. There's a limit the amount of "black box" 
work my mind can take (learning Linux, photo and video editing, learning 
Tagalog are the new projects).

Coming back on topic, it's a real pity about the present hassles with 
the HLS route, about half my downloads are producing errors here meaning 
a tedious subsequent slower download using Flash to download 
"glitch-free" files. I don't really want to get into HVF if I can help it!

The thought behind my original question was whether we had a route to 
complain to the BBC about the glitches in HLS, i.e. if there is a 
problem using BBC iPlayer then we could legitimately complain. Looks 
like we don't, LOL. :-(

Best wishes


On 09/08/16 11:57, Vangelis forthnet wrote:
> On Tue Aug 9 10:50:50 BST 2016, Alan Milewczyk wrote:
>> I rarely use BBC iPlayer but do we know if that has the sync problems 
>> we've been experiencing on GiP downloads?
> Not applicable, am afraid - BBC iPlayer on a desktop browser uses by 
> default AdobeHDS streams, if Flash installed; if flash is absent and 
> permitting the OS/browser employed, it may fall to MPEG-DASH streams 
> (require HTML5 support in the browser and native h.264/aac decoders in 
> the browser/OS).
> The hlshd tvmode that GiP uses and has been at fault lately is 
> originally destined for IPTV sets (Smart TVs/BluRays etc.), but it's 
> not the only option for those - hvf streams are available, too.
> Lower quality hls modes are targetting ipads and the like, again not 
> the unique option on those - so from a practical standpoint it could 
> be difficult to do your proposed check.
>> the sync problems
> As you can read at:
> those are just another manifestation of the initial problem, which is 
> that the original AppleHLS stream has missing segments - as mentioned 
> by dinky, --raw will get you MPEG-TS files where A/V is in sync, but 
> with portions of the programme missing...
> Regards, Vangelis.
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