Audio/Video Out of Sync

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Tue Aug 9 03:57:29 PDT 2016

On Tue Aug 9 10:50:50 BST 2016, Alan Milewczyk wrote: 

> I rarely use BBC iPlayer but do we know 
> if that has the sync problems 
> we've been experiencing on GiP downloads?

Not applicable, am afraid - BBC iPlayer on a desktop 
browser uses by default AdobeHDS streams, if Flash installed; 
if flash is absent and permitting the OS/browser employed, 
it may fall to MPEG-DASH streams (require HTML5 support 
in the browser and native h.264/aac decoders in the browser/OS).

The hlshd tvmode that GiP uses and has been at fault lately 
is originally destined for IPTV sets (Smart TVs/BluRays etc.), 
but it's not the only option for those - hvf streams are available, too.
Lower quality hls modes are targetting ipads and the like, 
again not the unique option on those - so from a practical 
standpoint it could be difficult to do your proposed check.

> the sync problems

As you can read at:

those are just another manifestation 
of the initial problem, which is that the 
original AppleHLS stream has missing 
segments - as mentioned by dinky, 
--raw will get you MPEG-TS files where 
A/V is in sync, but with portions of 
the programme missing...


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