Olympics Might be hvf Only

RS richard22j at zoho.com
Tue Aug 9 05:39:32 PDT 2016

From: RS
Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2016 13:00
To: get_iplayer at lists.infradead.org

> It didn't find the third one, yesterday's cross-country, but it may be
> that it takes a day or so to be made available.

Forget that last comment.  It was finger trouble on my part.  The reason it 
didn't download the cross-country was that it was already in my history from 
downloading live coverage yesterday.  The reason the pid did not work for 
the live coverage so I had to use the url was that I entered the pid as 
p0424zwc instead of p0424zw4.

Also the url is now pointing to the full day's coverage, just as the pid is. 
The reason I only got a 4min20s clip at 8.45pm last night must be that it 
had not been fully processed. 

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