History File Not Updated

CJB chrisjbrady at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 08:07:31 PDT 2016

I'm still running 2.94 - which meets my present needs.

Yesterday I tried to use the Windows PVM to download:


The download stalled and the laptop actually closed down due to inactivity.

When I restarted the laptop the get_iplayer progress window had gone.
I looked at the Windows Explorer iPlayer Recordings folder and there
were two 'partial' files there:



Both were well smaller than a fully downloaded file.

Anyway I deleted these.but I didn't edit the History File.

Then today using a more stable connection I re-ran the Window PVM list file.

It downloaded the New Zealand programme to complettion.

However I had expected to have had to re-run the download using
--pid=b07n2hm and the option --force.

But the download went OK without using --force.

It appears that the History File had not been updated yesterday with
the reference to this file.

So when is the History File updated with an attempted download that
fails such that --force is necessary to repeat a download?

Many thanks - Chris B.

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