episode oddity

Alan Milewczyk alan at soulman1949.com
Wed Aug 3 13:52:46 PDT 2016

On 03/08/16 20:12, Shevek wrote:
> On 3 August 2016 at 17:27, Jim web <web at audiomisc.co.uk> wrote:
>> In this case it isn't a problem I recall encountering before. Yet it has
>> now happened many times in the space of a few days. So the simplest answer
>> may be that something has actually changed. The question then being, what?
> I am seeing similar here
> It has happened with 2 different programs in the last week - initial
> downloads via HLSHD result in broken files and if I retry I see 2
> errors, repeated:

> So, it appears that the beeb's HLS encoding/streaming is producing
> corrupt files.

I'm having the same experience here, but one thing puzzles me. For some 
time now, HLS has been my preferred method of fetching the programmes. I 
never got these error messages with v2.94 so is v2.95 reporting errors 
differently to previous versions?


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