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Howard Orgel Howard.Orgel at
Sat Apr 16 15:34:34 PDT 2016

On Sat, 16 Apr 2016 22:34:50 +0100, Don Grunbaum wrote:

> Is there any way of getting the Radio 2 50s programmes other than 
> individual PIDs?


Start Get iPlayer in command line mode and enter the following command:

get_iplayer --type radio --pid-recursive

at the Get iPlayer command line.  This will download ALL the available
Radio 2 50s programmes (currently 28) plus the short clips (currently 7).
Manually delete the programmes you don't want to keep afterwards.
If you want the lot, wait until after the project finishes tomorrow night.
Get iPlayer will quite happily accommodate incremental downloads.  It will
"step over" programmes already downloaded, or not yet available, with
information messages.  Please note the above command line has line wrapped
in my newsreader client, and should all be on one line with a space
between "--pid-recursive" and the URL which follows.  (It is not necessary
to precede the URL with "--url ".  You can, if you want, but it works
quite happily without, and I like to keep the command line as short as
possible.)  The URL was copied and pasted from the "Radio 2 50s Available
Now" page.  Disclaimer: I do not use the "web PVR" and I don't know if
what I have just described can be achieved from that interface.  See also
my terse answer to your second question, below.
> The temporary station doesn't show up in the web PVR. Are the stations 
> "hard-coded"?


Regards, Howard.

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