Outlook Express 6 on WinXP and this list

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Thu Apr 7 02:09:20 PDT 2016

On Thu, 2016-04-07 at 00:27 +0100, Owen Smith wrote:
> I too found the "get yourself a real computer" offensive. 

Pfft. It's a Dilbert quote. You can choose to be offended. I can choose
not to care.

> Yes some people make life hard for themselves unnecessarily, but
> others have little choice in what they run for various reasons. Why
> should someone who's XP computer does want they want spend time,
> effort and money upgrading it? OK linux is free, but maybe they're
> unable to learn to use, don't have the time, or have software they
> need to use which only runs on Windows or even just XP.

I understand there are plenty of standards-compliant mail clients which
run on Windows XP, without having to upgrade the whole system.

> I used to write email software for a living, including RFC-822 etc.
> The golden rule was "be conservative in what you originate, and
> generous in what you accept". This mailing list clearly violates the
> latter half

... and deliberately so. To avoid the problems with broken threading
and thread hijacking, all my lists are explicitly configured to require
standards-compliance in that respect.

>  and I suggest it violates the first half too the way it handles
> replies.

Hm, why so? It doesn't really *generate* anything, does it?

> I run Vista on my PC. How soon before I'm told to get a real
> computer? 

It seems to be functioning correctly. I don't see why you'd ever be
told that, until/unless it stops working and you are sending invalid
messages to the list.


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