Peter Grimes

tellyaddict tellyaddict21 at
Tue May 26 06:24:10 PDT 2015

> I'll add the --versions=open to my default command string unless someone
> points out a drawback when the file fetch doesn't need it.

Don't use --versions=open as a default command as a lot of programmes won't have an open version to fetch so the download will fail. If you do have this problem again, the best thing to do is run --info on the programme and that will then tell you what is available. You can then tell gip what to download. There are a number of possible versions you might find available like original, open, iPlayer,  shortened, lengthened, and there's more so it's impossible to guess what will be available when a programme fails. Gip usually takes the longest version it finds available to use as the default download option and it normally does this automatically without any extra commands.

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