Refresher Requested on MPEG4 Container and AtomicParsley

Budgie ajebay at
Wed Jul 29 04:27:43 PDT 2015

On 29/07/15 09:30, Jim web wrote:

> So it is possible that either the files you fetched were sufficiently
> 'broken' and/or the version of ffmpeg/avcon you were using simply didn't
> sort this out immediately after fetching. Another pass though a newer
> ffmpeg might fix it, though.
> If not, as audio, you can finally bail out and convert to lpcm wav.The
> standard wave format just has a header followed by the lpcm sample values.
> If that sounds OK, it can be re-encoded if you wish to save space. Although
> I would recommend a loss-free method like flac to avoid needless reduction
> in quality if you get to this stage.

Hi Jim,
Many thanks.  I am going to try Vangelis's suggestions first since he 
has spent hours patiently helping me and see how I get on.  If all else 
fails I shall do your bail out and yes; go to flac.  Not sure what I 
will lose in fidelity through this process but hope it will be OK. 
Since age has tarnished my "golden ears" which I never claimed to have 
anyhow, we should be OK.  Hopefully will post progress in due course.

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