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Alan Milewczyk alan at
Sat Jul 25 03:41:01 PDT 2015

On 25/07/2015 09:00, Jim web wrote:
> In article <55B2A529.21363.5819380 at>, Peter S Kirk
> <peter.kirk at> wrote:
>> Is there any quick way to find key frame times?
> I'd also be interested in knowing that for the DVB-T2 streams.
> Jim

Originally I used AVS4YOU (AVS Video Editor) to edit my files but found 
that, extracting a short clip from a half hour or one hour programme 
would take ages, whereas ffmpeg is very fast. However, the big advantage 
AVS Video Editor has is that it allows you advance the programme one 
frame at a time and the screen gives you the time for each frame. So I 
do the rough edit using ffmpeg to get the clip roughly down to size but 
then process smaller clip using AVS which allows me to do the fine 
tuning - I found that trying to do the final edit using ffmpeg often 
ended up with the first few seconds of sound missing.


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