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> FWIW I tend to use this to 'snip' files

> ffmpeg -ss "hh:mm:ss" -i infile.<ext> -acodec copy -vcodec copy -t
> "hh:mm:ss" output.<ext>

Not sure it is of any interest, but just in case, it occurs to me to add
that a while ago I put a simple "AVChopper" rox app at

this lets me feed a text file containing a list of 'chop times' to the
program and it then snips the input av file into sections. It should work
without ROX. 

I mention it in case the source code helps anyone see how these commands
operate and how to exploit them. With ROX it makes it easier to do such
things via drag-and-drop. Source code provided for the amusement of
programmers. Anyone mad enough would be welcome to re-use it however they


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