BBC iPLayer - more controversy ....

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Wed Jul 22 01:46:10 PDT 2015

Whittingdale and Davies are so typical of the 'bean counter' mentality - 
they know (or think they know) the cost of everything but in fact know 
the value of nothing. They do not see the value of 'presenting Britain' 
to 39mn Chinese and 73mn 'others'. At one time this was valued (viz. 
past Foreign Office contributions to the World Service) but, as 
'results' can't easily be measured, it is no longer valued. What there 
does not appear to be is any analysis as to how much the 'visitors' 
watch the News - which for many, is their nearest thing to accurate and 
trusted reporting of world events. Not at all surprising that the Mail 
along with Murdoch's press is stirring things up - just look at who will 
benefit from emasculation of the BBC.


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