Recording audiodescribed programs

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sun Jul 19 11:56:09 PDT 2015

On Sun Jul 19 18:59:34 BST 2015, Yusuf Osman wrote:

> Apologies for sending a html message,
> which hopefully no one saw.

Hi Yusuf!
The list does not accept HTML formatted e-mails,
only plain text, so yes "no one saw" it...

> I am trying to record audio described programs
> using the latest version of get_iplayer
> (snip)
> I get an error message telling me that 0 programs have been found.
> (snip)
> I am able to get audiodescribed programs if I use the Pid command,
> but I would find it easier if I could use the title.
> (snip)
> Can anyone advise?

 Your issue is a direct consequence of the beeb killing
the old XML TV feeds and GiP 2.94 having to resort to
the schedule feeds; these do not contain AD programmes,
among many other shortcomings...
I'll refer you to the 2.93/4  Release Notes:

> You can no longer search TV programmes for signed or audio described 
> versions.
> That facility is unlikely ever to return.
> However, you should still be able to download those versions where 
> available.

So no, you can't download AD by "title", since the TV cache does not contain 
As you've found out yourself, "--pid=xxxxxxxx --versions=audiodescribed" is 
the way to go...

> I've tried putting the audiodescribed command
> between the get_iplayer and --get commands

As you've found out, this does not make any difference;
GiP parses all the options issued in the command
irrespective of their order...


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