Paywall for iPlayer?

Chris Davies chris at
Wed Jul 15 01:57:37 PDT 2015

On 07/07/2015 12:31, Graham Temple (gmail) wrote:
> Yes but what about people who never ever watch TV at all. They have computers and
> internet, but why should they pay a charge for something they will never
> use, just because they have some equipment (whose primary purpose is not for
> accessing TV!) which theoretically could access on demand content.

Seems technically pretty simple, and given the draconian anti-privacy 
laws we already have here I don't think much legislation would be 
required to ignore the current data protection laws.

If you access the iPlayer website the date/time and your IP address is 
captured by the BBC. The IP address is mapped to an ISP, and an API 
request is made to that ISP to determine the corresponding house 
address. TVL checks whether the house address has a licence, and if it 
doesn't you get an automatic "reminder" to pay up. Allow three automatic 
strikes per year for accidentally reaching an iP web page and then you 
have to justify why you don't have a licence but are looking at iP.

For anyone who has an IP address that cannot be validated you might have 
to log in and/or enter your TV Licence number. A persistent cookie 
(etc.) could be offered to remove the need to log in each time.


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