Still No TV Cache Refresh - day 2

SquarePenguin getiplayer at
Fri Jul 10 09:10:17 PDT 2015

On 10/07/2015 16:45, CJB wrote:
> I don't think that output of TV lists was suppressed with 2.93/4.
> Everything was working fine until a few days ago - I was getting
> listings of both TV and Radio.

You are correct, the text I was thinking of[1] from the latest release
notes[2] seems to apply to the next version of get_iplayer, so I'm not
sure what the trouble is your end.

[1] Given the potential size of 30-day caches, both the CLI and web PVR
will, if possible, be changed to only display search results if an
explicit search string is entered, i.e., no more display of the entire
TV data cache by default.


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