Still No TV Cache Refresh - day 2

CJB chrisjbrady at
Fri Jul 10 08:45:24 PDT 2015

Again thanks guys.

And thank you for the suggestions - whilst the Windows PVR doesn't
seem to refresh the TV cache - I've just tried the command line and
got loads (100s) of new listings including about 50 for Wimbledon.

Seems like the PVR Refresh Cache is broken for tv - for me anyway.

Strange that Radio is fine for both PVR and command line!!

I don't think that output of TV lists was suppressed with 2.93/4.
Everything was working fine until a few days ago - I was getting
listings of both TV and Radio.

Now in the last few days I'm getting listings for Radio but not TV.

It seems that the Windows PVR suddenly doesn't like listing TV but
does list Radio.

In command line mode with

get_iplayer --refresh tv

this refreshes fine - with complete listings downloaded incl. I
suspect what didn't get downloaded over the last two days or so.

As I said no issues with Radio.

Chris B.

On 10/07/2015, tellyaddict <tellyaddict21 at> wrote:
>> Sorry - yes I have GiP v2.94 I'm also using Chrome.
>> I don't have GiP open all the time. I start it up when I need to
>> download - about once every few days or for a special Quick URL.
>> I am using the Windows PVR - for both Radio and TV progs.
>> I always do a Cache Refresh for Radio and TV (both check marked). [No
>> Podcasts tho']
>> First I get the download dots for TV - but no listings at all.
>> Then I get the download dots for Radio with a full listing of progs.
>> Not sure if the TV cache is ever refreshed.
>> Chris B.
> Do you get the same result if you refresh the TV cache from the command
> line?
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