Linux Mint woes

Ralph Corderoy ralph at
Thu Jul 9 06:56:17 PDT 2015

Hi Alan,

What might be useful is if next time you have to get it running on a
fresh Linux installation and are following the instructions, stop as
soon as it deviates from what you expect and report back.  (At the time
I suspected you'd got the distribution's old version installed, then
were trying to get the up to date one going as well, but perhaps without
fully purging the older one.)

If you're doing all this in a terminal then you can type `script' at the
beginning and it will start a new shell, connected to a new
pseudo-terminal, and record *everything* typed or displayed in a file
called `typescript' in the current directory.  When you exit that new
shell to go back to the previous one, e.g. with `exit', then the file is
closed and ready for looking back over to see exactly what happened, or
for emailing pertinent chunks to the list.

Cheers, Ralph.

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