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> I'd love to like Linux but why is it such a struggle????

> Running a dual boot Win 7 x64/Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca 64 bit system and
> previously installed get_iplayer v2.92 on the Linux partition. It's
> Wimbledon, the season of humungous file sizes so I turn to Linux to do
> the honours without burping on the large files...... so I try to install
> GiP v2.94. It finally works (after I've ripped out what little I have
> left of my hair)... until I boot up today and find the system is on
> v2.92 ???????

> Can someone please explain in monosyllabic step by step terms what I
> need to do to update to v2.94 please?

I suspect the key point is to ensure you're using the version you
installed.... up to a point. :-)

Assuming you're using the instructions on the main webpage that explains
how to go about this:

FWIW I use the wget approach to fetch the package, but I assume curl will
do the same.

I fetch in this way into a directory of my choice in my 'home' storage
space. I then use

chmod  755 ./get_iplayer

(note the ./ ) to set the permissions for the result.

I do *not* then install get_iplayer system wide. Instead I call is when I
need it giving the pathname to where it is on my 'home' storage - i.e. in
my user space. I don't install it as 'root' for all users.

So if its at


I'd run it with the command


followed by the options, etc, I want.

I'm not saying that because I'm suggesting you do as I do. But to show that
if you have gip 2.92 installed as a system-wide package it will respond to
being called by 

get_iplayer <options>

but if you installed 2.94 'locally' and didn't then copy it into place to
be system wide, you'd need to call it via the local pathname

/home/whoever/...  /get_iplayer

hence its quite possible to have two (or more) versions on the machine at
the same time.

Look to see where in your home storage space you put it and chmod it at
first. If it is still there, that may be 2.94 for use 'locally' whilst you
may still have an earlier version that will be called by a plain
'get_iplayer' command.

I'm just guessing this may be the root (pun alert!) of your problem.

FWIW2 I quite often have more than one version of something 'installed'.
e.g. ffmpeg. I use the standard distro version via it being installed as a
system command. But have an 'up to date' version in a directory I can call
via its full pathname.


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