Linux Mint woes

michael norman michaeltnorman at
Wed Jul 1 06:55:14 PDT 2015

Who knows ? Because you want Linux to be like Windows ? What is your 
struggle, with what distro exactly. I use openSUSE but i have run GIP on 
that and LinuxMint with no problems. Updating GIP on either simply 
works.  Last time I looked the instructions (squarepenguin or github) 
are easy enough to follow.  I know I've done it enough times.

Last time I did it on LinuxMint you find the up to date package and 
follow the instructions, but unless you tell us where you found the 
package and what steps  you did to install it neither I nor anybody else 
can help you. If you find a useable package, install it with the Linux 
Mint package manager it will work.  Assuming your LM installation 
(whatever partition its on) works and you know how to use it.


On 07/01/2015 02:17 PM, Alan Milewczyk wrote:
> I'd love to like Linux but why is it such a struggle????
> Running a dual boot Win 7 x64/Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca 64 bit system and
> previously installed get_iplayer v2.92 on the Linux partition. It's
> Wimbledon, the season of humungous file sizes so I turn to Linux to do
> the honours without burping on the large files...... so I try to install
> GiP v2.94. It finally works (after I've ripped out what little I have
> left of my hair)... until I boot up today and find the system is on
> v2.92 ???????
> Can someone please explain in monosyllabic step by step terms what I
> need to do to update to v2.94 please?
> I'm losing the will to live.... :-(
> Thanks
> Alan
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