Still getting Command exit code 1 (raw code = 256) with 2.85?

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Thu Jan 30 10:21:02 EST 2014

On 30/01/2014 14:36, Walters, Mark wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions, I'm running non-root and I don't have an /etc/get_iplayer directory.  I've removed the ~/.get_iplayer directory completely but it hasn't helped.

Remove --modes and let get_iplayer cycle through the other available 
streams.  So far you on only know that the HD streams available for your 
test programme cannot be accessed by your rtmpdump build.  Odds are that 
none will work, but you should at least test them.

Deleting ~/.get_iplayer wouldn't make any difference here, though it was 
good to get rid of the redundant rtmptvopts setting in your options file 
in order to avoid potential future headaches.  However, since you did 
have that redundant setting, should we assume that get_iplayer - and 
thus rtmpdump - was working at some point?  If so, the obvious question 
is: has something changed, either on your machine or with your upstream 

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